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Brown bound.

With a major in alliteration?

24, 30 rock, andy coops, angela ammons, architecture, arugula, avril lavigne, baguettes, baking, beignets, bermarxx, bflow, biscuits, black flats, brandon flowers, brave new world, brave new world sucks, brian williams, bright colors, briwi, burmese food, california, carbs, cats, cheesy blasters, cinnabon cereal, cinnamon cheerios, cinnamon life, coffee cake, colors, commander in chief, community, cream soda, cupcakes, dark chocolate, dbq, delaware, detective wilden, dim sum, drunk cheese, dunkin donuts, ellie goulding, esperanto, fancy restaurants, faroese, flaming bitch weddings, fog, fridays, geography, gingersnaps, girls aloud, good-looking kevins, graham colton, grazing, henry cavill, homemade ice cream, hornblower, house, jack bauer, justified, karmina, kate voegele, kathubuna, ke dollar sign ha, kittens, liechtenstein, lists, liz lemon, london, long showers, luxembourg, matt boner, matthew goode, michelle branch, names, nantucket, natasha bedingfield, nauru, nicola roberts, nunavut, obscure countries, october, olive oil, ontd, ontd after dark, parks and recreation, pasta, penmanship, pitbull all night long, pointless shit, pop music, popcorn, powerpoint, pretty little liars, pumpkin, rain, red velvet, rose byrne, rubie dubidoux, saint pierre and miquelon, san francisco, shannon thomas, skins, sporcle, stuff, the colbert report, the internets, the letter q, the mole, the pursuit of knowledge, the veronicas, the west wing, thin mints, tiffany robbins, timothy olyphant, tmi, underachievement, useless crap, vancouver, vanessa carlton, vocab baseball, white chocolate, wikipedia, wooden roller coasters